Strategies for Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Posted by: Nesha Milicevic

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I have many years of work experience in the Hospitality industry, and this has helped me tremendously when I transitioned into an educational – classroom environment. Most of my career was spent training and educating young employees, and helping them develop and find their path. One of the best examples of this, and something that can be applied to a classroom was, when I was involved in a new Hotel opening. I had the privilege of not only choosing my own team, but setting things up from scratch. The Hotel was a boutique luxury environment, so the standards were very high, training was very extensive, and there was a lot to learn in a relatively short amount of time. The first task after picking the team was to motivate them and get them excited about things to come. I created a cohesive team that looked up to each other and fed of each other’s energy, so the first couple of days were spent getting to know each other and bonding. We made it clear from day one what the expectations are, and what the code of conduct will be. From there on things took a life of its own, curiosity took over and the new hires started asking the right questions, and were very eager to learn. Everything they learned was done in a very positive way, and having fun while learning was a big part of that. Needless to say, once we opened the Hotel this approach paid off in a big way, we achieved a very high rating within a very short period of time.

I found an article on this on, one Internet’s most comprehensive guides to the best education sites, resources and articles on the Web. You can view it here: Strategies for Building a Productive and Positive Learning Environment



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