Cognitive Science – Rote Learning

Posted by: Nesha Milicevic


My sister is three years older than I am, so when I was in high school she was already in University. Being a teenager, I had no clear understanding on why things were done the way they were in education, and of course did not care much about it, but the one thing I did notice, was that I did not do much studying outside the classroom, most of my learning time was spent in a constructive classroom environment with my teacher and my fellow students, whereas, my sister would spend days and nights studying at home, highlighting sentences in the book and repeating the most important points out loud – memorizing them. Many years later when I was in University myself, I came upon the term “Rote Learning”, and when I read the definition I realized that this is exactly what my sister was doing throughout most of her studies. Of course this was many years ago, it was a different time and different education method, but surprisingly, Rote Learning still plays a significant role in today’s education whether we like to admit it or not.

I did some research on this and ended up on the Concordia University Portland website, where I found the following article: What is Rote Learning?



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