Interesting Study

Posted by: Nesha Milicevic


Looking at various studies on adult education, I stumbled upon a very interesting article written by Torben Drews and Tyler Meredith, authors at the Institute for Research on Public Policy.  They talk about the fact that an investment in education earlier in life generally provides a higher pay-off, but despite that, a considerable number of Canadians engage in education later on. I believe that this goes hand in hand with progressing in ones career, as well as maturity levels. One cannot argue with the fact that younger generations have access to vast amounts of information, and just based on that fact alone, it is easier for them to be better informed and educated. However, it does not provide them with wisdom and experience that happens in later stages of life, and often is very connected to patience and a more clear vision of where one is going. Not too many young adults can say that they have a definite picture of what they want to do, and very often life and career takes then in a completely different direction. This is why to me; it is no surprise that Canadians engage in job-related learning later on in life.

I encourage you to read the study, please click here: Toward an Adult Education and Training Strategy for Canada



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