Effective Learning Environmet

Posted by: Nesha Milicevic

CTC Candids-17.jpg

Great article by Terry Heick, Director at TeachThought, Founder & Director of TeachThought, humanist, technologist, futurist, failed philosopher, macro thinker extraordinaire.

In this article, Terry talks about the modern way of creating an effective learning environment and how things have evolved over time. He stresses the importance of students asking questions, but not only simple questions but those that have some meaning to them. As per Terry, the questions are often more important than the answers themselves. This is something that I have noticed in the classroom with my students time after time, and this leads to a great group discussion, where ideas come from places that students connect to everyday life. When the right question is asked at the right time, the conversation in the classroom takes a life of its own, and it is great to watch and be part of it.  This is what I would call a highly effective learning environment.

Worth sharing with everyone, so please have a look at it: Effective learning environment




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