Professional Development Plan (PIDP3260)

Posted by: Nesha Milicevic


The PIDP program that I am taking has been a great learning experience. Throughout my career in Hospitality, I have always been in a position to train people, but I had never done it in a classroom environment. So a few years ago when I started teaching the Hospitality Management Diploma program at a private College in Vancouver, I was not sure what to expect. I instantly developed a liking to it and realized that this is something I want to do, so naturally, I decided to enroll into the PIDP program to enhance my knowledge and skills as an Instructor.

Since I enjoy teaching so much, all my plans for the future are tied to that. My career vision is to be the department head for a Hospitality Management Degree program within the next five years. My personal and professional values are what shape my vision. I like to believe that that I bring in a lot of multicultural skills to my classes as well as to the department. I have lived in several different countries around the world; speak a couple of languages, and that brings a very solid diversified cultural understanding. This is very helpful when it comes to better understanding my Students, as well as my colleagues. On a professional level, I bring over thirty years of Hospitality industry experience and industry contacts, and a few years of teaching experience.

So how will I turn my vision into reality? To begin with, my first goal is to complete my PIDP this spring. After PIDP3260 I have one more course left and the Capstone project, so I can almost see the finish line. Another way of reaching my goals is to attend at least one International industry related convention annually. For example: I am working on attending the National Restaurant Association show that is happening in May in the beautiful city of Chicago. I am also heavily involved in the course / program curriculum development in the Hospitality department at my College, as we are making some changes, and trying to provide better value and learning experiences for our Students.

Of course, there are always obstacles along the way. To me, it is what you bring to the table that helps overcome these challenges. We have a great team at my College, so my department and my colleagues are of great support. Then there is my own expertise and knowledge that will support me in the programs / course that I teach. Financial support is also important for professional development, and this is where the College comes in. Last but not least, the family: they are always there to encourage me when I want to better myself professionally.

Our paths as instructors are all about a life time learning commitment.  Not only do we teach our Students, but we are always Students ourselves.  It is very important to stay up-to-date with the industry and new technology needs and expectations, as well as the Students needs and expectations. Students get motivated when they see that we as instructors continue to learn as well. They grow with us when we talk about courses we take, conventions or special events we attend, and explain to them the importance of all this. I will continue taking different courses to enhance my teaching; we always need to be prepared for the fast changing needs in the teaching field.  I teach Food Operations and Management, so a couple of years ago I obtained my Serving it Right certification. I also completed Advanced Food Safety, so now I am a certified instructor for that program.

I like to volunteer at different industry events; this allows me to keep up with the industry and my contacts. I am also very active and involved in the community I live in. Being engaged in a variety of different things is something that I believe will help me reach my goals and vision.


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